As an Entrepreneur

In the midst of the hectic pandemic that COVID-19 has brought to the year 2020, I set up a social enterprise – Equal Dreams. Built on the belief that everyone has equal rights to pursue their dreams and aspirations, EQUAL DREAMS is born.

Our team provides disability accessibility and consultancy services and creates platforms for disabled people to pursue passion projects.

As a dancer

In 2008, I cofounded Redeafination, the first street dance club for the Deaf in Singapore. For the first decade since the setting up of the club, I was leading its creative direction and taking charge of its operational development, while grooming Deaf members to lead in the various aspects of running the club. Currently, I act as the advisor to the Deaf core team. Read more at

As a performer

Besides dance and movement, I have the honour to participate in a very unique theatre production, wearing multiple hats such as cast, sign language interpreter and accessibility advisor.

Not In My Lifetime? explores the special education system in Singapore and people in it. The play, based on the experiences of playwright Alvan Yap, is supported by multi-talented performers Inch Chua, Evelyn Chye, Myra Loke, Timothy Nga, Nix Sang and Nur Shafiza (Shai).”


Rice Media has done a very comprehensive coverage of this production. Read more at

As an academic

Completing a part time Master degree with a full time job has been gruelling. The vast learning and motivation gathered from my classmates, most of whom are fellow social service practitioners, is invaluable. I am grateful to have completed this journey of Master of Non-Profit Management in Singapore University of Social Services (SUSS) with the Kwan Im Hood Temple Gold Award for excellent performance for this programme. Read more about my final capstone project about disability arts at my research section.