Accessibility Specialist, Sign Language Interpreter, WIP Ally of the Disability Community, Changemaker, Dancer (just to name a few…)

Latest: Founder of Social Enterprise – Equal Dreams

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. For many years, people find it hard to keep track of my academic and professional background, what I do for a living, my career path etc. That is very understandable! That is because I dabble in many things, have many interests, and most of my employment experiences are not well-defined, traditional roles that can be represented by a single understandable designation or title, nor do they have direct relevance to my academic background. So far, I have not had the need to depend directly on my paper qualifications to apply for any jobs. My jobscope at my past organisations have mostly been newly created, at times suggested and defined by me, myself and I and proposed to the organisations. It has worked pretty well so far!

Once, when I confided in a sector mentor that it has been challenging for me to explain to people what I do, and what I specialise in, she told me “You are a Changemaker”.

I always think that such an honorary title has to be given to you by others who have witnessed and experienced the impact of the work you have done, and not one that you claim and bestow upon yourself. So it has been extremely encouraging to hear it from her. I will continue to pursue the work that I value and believe in and strive towards what this “designation” entails. I have hence appended the words “Work in progress” in the title beside my name on this site.

So actually, what do you do?

I believe in equal opportunities and value inclusion. My life-work lies in the disability sector particularly in the area of higher education and the arts. The Deaf and Autism communities have a special place in my heart.

I am currently based in Singapore, running my social enterprise Equal Dreams. Check out my team’s work at our Facebook page.

Providing services such as

  • sign language interpreting
  • live meaning for meaning transcription
  • notetaking
  • consultancy for inclusive design and accessibility implementation,
  • consultancy for disability contents creation for media and public communications

Specialising in the following settings

  • higher education
  • adult learning
  • events and programmes

Currently working with the following communities

  • Deaf/hard-of-hearing
  • Blind/vision-impaired/low vision
  • Autism


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